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Not Your Average Garage Door Repair in Auburn, WA

Having a properly functioning garage door is an essential part of your home. If you find yourself in need of a reliable and efficient service to keep your garage door working optimally, look no further than AAA Garage Door Repair Auburn. Located in Auburn, WA, this family-run business provides exceptional services and customer care for all things related to garage doors. Let’s take a closer look at the services that AAA Garage Door Repair Auburn has to offer and their working hours.

Services Offered by AAA Garage Door Repair Auburn

AAA Garage Door Repair Auburn offers a variety of services related to garage doors—from installation and repairs to maintenance. Whether you are looking for new springs or need help with the alignment of your tracks, they can do it all! In addition, they also provide valuable advice on how to maintain your existing garage door and can even help you purchase a new one should the need arise. All of these services come with competitive rates and quick turnaround times, making AAA Garage Door Repair Auburn one of the best choices when it comes to servicing your garage door in the area.

Working Hours
AAA Garage Door Repair Auburn takes pride in their commitment to excellent customer service which is why they are available 24/7 including holidays! Their operating hours are between 8:30 am – 10:30 pm Monday through Sunday so you can rest assured that help is always nearby.
Common Questions About Garage Doors
Q: How often should I check my garage door?
A: You should inspect your garage door at least once every three months for any signs of wear or damage that could prevent it from working properly. It’s important to check the hardware on the door as well as its tracks for any signs of rust or corrosion which could impede its operation. Q: Can I paint my wooden garage door?
A: Yes! Painting a wooden garage door is an easy way to give it an updated look without having to replace it completely. However, make sure that you use exterior latex paint designed specifically for wood surfaces as this will ensure that your paint job will last longer and be more durable against inclement weather conditions like rain or snow. Q: What type of opener should I get?
A: The type of opener you choose depends mostly on personal preference as well as budget constraints but most people tend to prefer chain-driven openers due to their affordability and reliability. Additionally, if noise is a concern then you may want to opt for a belt-driven model as these are typically quieter than other types of openers.

If you are looking for reliable and affordable service for all things related to your home’s garage doors then AAA Garage Door Repair Auburn is the perfect choice! With over 20 years’ experience in providing top-notch service combined with their 24/7 availability makes them the go-to option when it comes time for installing, repairing or maintaining your residential or commercial property’s garage doors. For more information about their services please visit their website today!

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