Opening a garage door manually can be a tricky task, but it’s important to know how to do it in case of a power outage or some other emergency. The process depends on the type of opener you have installed. 

If your garage door has a chain-drive opener, you will need to locate the manual release handle. This is usually located by the motor and looks like either a red cord hanging from the ceiling or an emergency release lever. Pull this lever/cord towards you and the garage door should open. However, if you have had your opener for several years, you may have an older model with its manual release handle attached to the ceiling near the front of the door opening (not near the motor). If so, pull this handle down and again, the door should open.

If you own a belt-driven system which is more common in newer homes, look for a similar cord/lever near the front of your garage that looks like either an upside-down U or V shape (it will likely also be coloured red). Pull down on this V-shaped piece to activate the manual override feature. Again, this should allow your garage door to open.

Remember: when opening your garage manually, don’t let go of any levers until the door is fully open! Otherwise it could shut unexpectedly and damage whatever is underneath it! Finally, always remember to reactivate your electric opener after manually opening and closing your garage – otherwise it may not work when needed!